Crystal Bowersox Hospitalized


I’m a huge American Idol fan, and I take my Idol watching seriously.  It’s my version of watching sports on TV.  I attribute my Idol love to my childhood years of watching contests and singing shows with my grandmother, Bashy.  She and I watched a lot of Star Search together.  We watched Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters.  And we always watched Miss America.  Now I watch American Idol with my sons, who are great company, but many times as I watch I think of Bashy and I can almost hear her making snarky comments about the contestants (she should put some clothes on, she looks like trash, etc).  If Bashy were alive today she’d surely be making comments about Crystal Bowersox (she should wash her hair).

Dirty hair or not, I’m a big Crystal Bowersox fan, and I noticed some headlines saying she’s been hospitalized for (unconfirmed) diabetes complications.  This comes right on the heels of news about former Idol contestant,  Elliott Yamin, a type 1 diabetic who was stranded in Chile after the recent earthquake.  Yamin was low on supplies for his insulin pump.

Hopefully Yamin has found his way home safely by now.  And I certainly hope that Bowersox is well and able to compete.  Does anyone know if Bowersox is a type 1?  If so, that’s another reason I’ll be cheering for her.

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Bill Edwards
Bill Edwards
13 years ago

Chile is a civilized country. They have insulin there.

13 years ago

She is Type 1. If you search her on MySpace, you can see where she did a walk for JDRF and she talks about being T1.
Elliott is still in Chile at last report, but is okay in insulin and supplies now. Not sure how he got them, but he’s been keeping people posted on his Twitter feed.

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