Crystal Bowersox Marries in a Custom Made Gown


I watched American Idol last season and am a big fan of the talented Crystal Bowersox.  And that fact that she has type 1 diabetes and has spoken so openly about it (most recently in a DiabetesMine interview), makes me like her even more.

Admittedly, I haven’t followed the Crystal Bowersox headlines over the past few months, but this one caught my eye: Crystal Bowersox Gets Married! Congratulations, Crystal!  And now for the question that’s even more important than  Who did she marry?: What did she wear?

Well, thanks to this article I know that Crystal “walked down the aisle in a floor-length, eco-friendly dress custom made from imported hemp by Vermont fashion designer Tara Lynn, who specializes in sustainable apparel made from natural fibers. The singer’s dress featured a detachable train embellished with macramé, seashells, and beads.”

So my question is, where oh where did Crystal’s insulin pump go in this custom made dress?  Did designer Tara Lynn take the pump into consideration when creating the gown?

As far as I know, Crystal’s wedding photos have not been released, so we’ll have just have to wait and see if her pump was noticeable, and we’ll have to just imagine those bridal seashells for now.  However, since Mike and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary (12 years!), this seems like a good time to go back and look at some photos of my gown.  No train, no shells or beads, and… no diabetes either.

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