Diabetes Blog Week – Day 2: Poetry Tuesday – The Diabetes Alphabet


A is for the anger diabetes often spurs,

B is for the bolusing, which daily occurs.

C is for the CGM, the device made to aid,

D is for the diabetes itself, an ongoing crusade.

E is for the endocrinologist, who often tries to help us,

F is for the failures that makes us all cuss.

G is for the glucose tablets that bring us up from a low,

H is for the high blood sugars that make us feel so slow.

I is for the insulin our pancreases no longer make,

J is for the jellybeans we usually cannot take.

K is for the ketones, a sign that something is bad,

L is for the lantus we take to stay stable – how rad!

M is for the miscalculations for which we must vouch,

N is for the needles we use – OUCH!

O is for the ordinary that diabetes becomes,

P is for the pumps, a person with diabetes’s chum.

Q is for the queasiness sometimes caused by a high,

R is for the red drops of blood that are easy to come by.

S is for the shakes and sweats of a low at night,

T is for the technology we have that is such a delight.

U is for the unending support I have that makes me rejoice,

V is for the Verio, my meter of choice.

W is for the weirdness of diabetes, it’s true,

X is for the “x”tra sugar – no thank you!

Y is for the “y” – why is diabetes so…uneasy?

Z is for the zaniness that simply is the ‘betes.

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8 years ago

I love this!  How creative :)

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