Diabetes Blog Week, Day 2: Poetry


What diabetes is

The problem is
What diabetes isn’t
Which is ever not
In and out dusk and dawn
It is and it is and it is
I left my nothingness
At home today sir
An iron lung on wheels
It is what it is
Blood and analytes
Now now and now again
Is it in on cue
If so now only
Each is is
A moment unto itself
Was and will be impossible
Dreams and guesses
Every is is a hypothesis
Every experiment
Ends with blindness
I did not choose this adventure
But so it is
Over and again
And so it is
What it is
And what will be as they say
Will be
Which will be
Maybe one day
That diabetes isn’t
And is instead
Tasteless odorless quiet
Like the hollow
In your clavicle
I kiss when you breathe.

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