Diabetes Drug Maker Hid Study Data


Avandia Safety Questioned:  The New York Times reports that diabetes drug maker SmithKline did not reveal the results of a study showing its drug Avandia was riskier to the heart than a competing drug, Actos.

The New York Times states, “instead of publishing the results, the company spent the next 11 years trying to cover them up, according to documents recently obtained by The New York Times. The company did not post the results on its Web site or submit them to federal drug regulators, as is required in most cases by law.”

Experts will meet Tuesday and Wednesday to decide whether Avandia should still be sold and whether it is ethical to test Avandia directly against Actos.

Whether to recall Avandia is a question that has split the F.D.A.  Some officials argue that the drug is useful despite its risks and others insist that it must be withdrawn.

Click here for the full story.


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