Diabetes from the Eyes of a Baby: Mommy Says No Touch


Diabetes Blog Week is here and each day presents an exciting new prompt. I loved the idea of writing a poem about diabetes (Tuesday’s challenge). I was also interested in one of the wildcard options: “personify a diabetes tool… let it speak through you.” I decided to combine the two prompts and write a poem about diabetes from the perspective of something other than myself… but that something became someone: my 14 month old daughter.



Me tap screen

Me push button

Me pick up blue pieces

Mommy says No Touch


Me crunch wrappers

Me pull wire

Me squeeze belly band-aid

Mommy says No Touch


Me shake candies

Me open drawer

Me find little bottle

Mommy says No Touch


She hides it all away

Not for me to play

Mommy says No Touch

Mommy says No Touch


She hugs me, says she cares

That’s why she won’t share

Sounds silly to me

But I’m just a baby


Sometimes she is high

She puffs a great big sigh

Other times she cries

Me no know why


Sometimes she is low

She moves very slow

Daddy has to help

Mommy sits and melts


Maybe when I’m big

She’ll tell me what it is

For now me try my best

When Mommy says No Touch

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9 years ago

This is such a lovely and insightful poem. 

9 years ago

Love this perspective!

Karen Graffeo
9 years ago

This is beautiful and sad at the same time.  Thank you for sharing.

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