Diabetes in a Marriage: 11 Reasons I love my Husband


Gary and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary last weekend. He surprised me with tickets to a Broadway show. I was delighted because we don’t get out much these days (unless you count excursions to buy diapers). We booked a babysitter last minute (thanks, Mom!), and we were all set to go.


While Gary got a gift for me, I kind of forgot to get one for him. And when I say kind of forgot, I really mean remembered but didn’t have time. Being a new mom is exhausting! And recently, I’ve been especially busy interviewing nannies (I am going back to work part-time in a few weeks).

But still. I felt badly. I should’ve at least bought him a bottle of cologne! 

Gary told me that it was okay. He said he’s “happy with Maya.” He “doesn’t need anything.”

When we got out of the subway and we walked to the theater, I was thinking about what belated gift I could get him. But it was hard to think because the big fat bag I was carrying was really heavy. It was filled with – what else? – diabetes paraphernalia. Gary offered to carry it for me. Never mind that it was covered in a red floral pattern. I handed him my bag and said thank you.  

It occurred to me that Gary is always helping me with diabetes-related things. They’re small things. But they add up and they make a big difference. He’s been supportive with my diabetes through dating, marriage, pregnancy, and everything in between. That’s something that should be celebrated. And so. As a gift to Gary, I’d like to dedicate this blog post to him.

Here are ten reasons why I love my hubby:

1. Back when we were dating, and I told Gary for the first time that I had type 1 diabetes, he said “So?”

2. When I wake him up in the middle of the night because of a low blood sugar, he runs to the kitchen and returns with a juice box in less than ten seconds.

3. When I was wary about going on an insulin pump – having a machine permanently attached to my body – he encouraged me to do it. He said it would look cute. (I am not sure how it’s cute, but that’s what he said.)

4. If you see a guy with dark hair and a giant floral print bag walking around NYC, that’s my husband.  

5. Every three days, I fretfully announce to Gary: “I have to change my site.” I am guessing that this must be annoying. Imagine hearing your spouse state the obvious like, “I have to brush my teeth,” in a nervous manner, every three days. You might be thinking, And you’re telling me this because? But Gary never questions my announcement. He just nods his head and says “Okay, no problem,” with an upswing in his voice that makes me feel like changing my site isn’t so bad.

6. He doesn’t like pasta.

7. When I crave chocolate chip cookies and blab on about how I shouldn’t be eating chocolate chip cookies, he says, “It’s okay. You have to live a little, too.”

8. If I start eating three then four then five cookies, he gently tells me It’s Enough.

9. He picks up my insulin prescription from the pharmacy when I don’t feel like going.

10. If my blood sugar is high and I’m feeling tired and thirsty, he never says, “Was it something you ate?” (When usually it was. Shhh.)

I tried to keep it to ten, but… one more?  

11. The other day, I was testing my blood sugar on the couch. Gary brought Maya over to watch. In baby talk, he said, “Look: Mommy’s testing her blood sugar!”

Happy Anniversary. J


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9 years ago

This was perfect. I’m a type one and my husband has been there through out the whole journey, he’s awesome. How blessed you are to have found someone so loving and understanding. I hope he liked his gift. :) Take care. 

9 years ago

As a spouse of a T1 this is so sweet. :)

Michelle S.
Michelle S.
9 years ago

I am eating my lunch at work and while reading your article, I both laughed out loud and got tears in my eyes.  Having an amazing husband makes it so much easier to manage diabetes, but once you have a child, it is even more critical. You and Gary are lucky to have each other!  

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