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I just had an essay about living with Type 1 diabetes published in the New York Times, and let me tell you this: few things make me happier than feeling like I’m connecting with people about something that’s such an important part of my life. Many thanks to Tara Parker-Pope for posting the piece, and for everyone who has commented on it or forwarded it to family and friends. I really appreciate it — please continue to spread the word!

Also, thanks to encouragement from other people in the diabetes world (Manny and Kerri, I’m looking at you), I just signed up for Twitter. I don’t know what this means, exactly — I’ve never been fond of Tweeting — but should you be interested in joining the experiment, it’s  reluctdiabetic . Sign up — and send suggestions!

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[…] bring this up because of a response I got for my essay last week about living with Type 1. A reader commented that she did not refer to herself as having diabetes […]


Thank you so much for writing this article. I, like many others, forwarded this to friends and family and of course posted the link to the article on my Facebook account heading it as “Feelings Twin”. I am now 28 years old and was diagnosed on January 25th, 2008. I wrote a small piece as a guest blog on Kerri’s site (six until me) which can be accessed here: http://sixuntilme.com/blog2/2009/06/guest_post_500_days_of_diabete.html
Again, thank you for sharing your experience, it is so important that we do these things and create this network.
Jessica Phillips, San Diego, CA.


Catherine, thank you so much for a great article. I have lived with type 1 for 25 years and your article brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you again

S. García
S. García

Dear Catherine, It was a great filling after reading twice your article (in the morning, and five minutes ago) that  the mood afterwards Diabetes is morelike the same in a lot of people … It is absolutely true, that food is no longer food, instead you are counting “carbs”… In addition to shots, calloused fingertips, the tiny bag witn the meter and so on, the incredible cost that this desease is carring out. You need to survive with a proper care with 1000 usd therefore, the financial issue would diminish the pocket or wallet, dont you think so? Again, Kind… Read more »


Great article.  Thank you for speaking so eloquently for us!
I am a T1 and so are my son (age 11) and daughter (age 8) and my brother. 
You were just what I needed to hear right now.  I can’t control all of these numbers!

Kerri Sparling

Great article, Catherine!!

Jennifer Jacobs

I’m so glad to hear that you both have enjoyed the piece. And Amanda, I think Randy Jackson should take you up on that idea — sounds amazing!


I have forwarded this to pretty much everyone I know.  I’ve never seen the ordeal of diabetes spelled out so clearly and eloquently before.  Thank you!   By the way, I’m a recently diagnosed, T1 writer who has taken a lot of ridiculous hip-hop dance classes.  I’m sure we’ll meet backstage at Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Diabetic Dance Crew.

Matt M.
Matt M.

This essay was absolutely identical to my own experience since being diagnosed about seven years ago in law school (er, that is, except for carrying my pump in a bra, since I’m a dude). Anyway, thank you so much for this. It’s especially good timing for Thanksgiving dinner, which can be quite a challenging math quiz even on the best days

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