Diabetes Kicks My Ass


I haven’t run more than 12.5 miles since early July, and after running a good 11 miles on Wednesday, I felt like I was ready to break the half marathon distance again. But, on Friday morning when I woke up at 4:15 a.m. to get ready for my run, I was dazed.  I felt as if everything I did was in slow motion. I knew it wasn’t just the early morning hours and the lack of sleep. I tested my blood sugar it was 438.  Perhaps I had rebounded after a nighttime low.  I have no other explanation for the number.

I took one unit of insulin hoping that it would bring my blood sugar down to a somewhat decent level before I started to run, without causing me to crash (the bolus wizard recommended 2.7 units).

When I arrived at the meeting place, an hour after I bolused, my blood sugar was 244. A little disappointed, I lowered my basal rate and started to run.

After 3 miles of feeling bad I stopped to check my blood sugar. It was 140.  I’d dropped more than 100 in under a half hour of running.

I ran another mile until my next check. This time it was 108.  I took a gel, kept running, and kept feeling like shit.  Two miles later my blood sugar was 100. I felt terrible and decided to turn back towards the car. I was running by myself and worried I would pass out. I ran slowly just wanting it to be over.

I was very disappointed in myself and felt like an idiot for running on a morning that started with a blood sugar of 438.  In those moments, though, it seems like the only thing to do is to bolus and continue as planned. Otherwise, diabetes wins.  But I don’t even know how coherently I’m thinking with such high blood sugar combined with so little sleep. 

Sometimes I push myself and it works. And then there are the days like Friday, when diabetes totally kicks my ass.



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9 years ago

Mike, that is SO frustrating. I’ve done the same thing (in the form of taking an intense spin class when my blood sugar is stuck around 250) — I cannot even imagine how bad you must have felt at 438. It’s a wonder you even got out of bed. It’s also always amazing to me how quickly blood sugars can drop once you start moving. I wonder what the solution to a morning like this is — perhaps a correction bolus and a half hour walk before you run, just so you have a sense of where you’re going? (As… Read more »

Rob Woolfson
9 years ago

been there and totally agree with the sentiment.  If I stopped my plans everytime my sugar was out of whack I would get nothing done.

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