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Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that my blog at www.diabetesmyway.org will now be hosted by A Sweet Life, where other people with diabetes gather to write about their daily highs, lows and everything in between. I’m honored since as yet I’m a baby blog (despite my advanced age) and I look forward to adding A Sweet Life’s readers to my personal community  interested in this thing we share — diabetes.

First, a bit of an introduction. I’m a 50-something woman with type 2 diabetes, who started on her diabetes journey at 20, when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I managed to keep it in check for about 10 or so years, until the birth of my first son (now 26) when I developed gestational diabetes. After exercising my butt off during pregnancy (sometimes up to four hours a day), I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy. The next pregnancy, seven years later (same result, a bouncing baby boy), demanded insulin, and shortly afterwards, I developed full blown Type 2. At present, I keep it in check — most of the time — with a very low carb diet, daily exercise, and meds, and, save for some diabetic complications with cataracts (which I had removed in a miracle operation that added special lenses to my eyes for 20–20 vision), I’ve kept my A1C’s low and most days, feel just fine.

A chronic disease is tough on your body and your spirit, and in the past few years, I’ve been writing columns about the ups and downs of diabetes and what I’ve learned for dlife.com. Adding my voice to A Sweet Life will be just another step in my belief that every day is a ‘second chance’ for better diabetes care. It’s been a map that I’ve followed on my own, and I’m ready and excited to share my adventures with all of you. So, onward!

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11 years ago

Welcome aboard, I have read your stuff in the past and hope you bring something interesting to the current Blood sugar crisis in the country

Ilene Raymond Rush
11 years ago

Thanks, Scott! I’ve caught you on dLife and your blog…

Scott K. Johnson
11 years ago

Welcome!  Glad to see you here.  :-)

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