Diabetes-Related New Year’s Resolutions


– check fasting blood sugar in the morning

– maintain (or reduce) my current 5.7 A1C

– take at least 2 hour-long walks per week

-perfect the one-handed prick (this is the move where I hold Adam in my left arm, hold my lancet device in my right arm, pull back the tab on the lancet device with my teeth, reach around Adam while he tries to grab the lancet device, prick my left arm, and then attempt to get the test strip to touch the tiny drop of blood that I can’t actually see).

-eat more veggies

-stop ‘accidently’ licking the spoon after mixing chocolate powder into milk for the kids

-work as much as possible on ASweetLife

Happy New Year!  Health and happiness to all.

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Ooh, the one-handed prick– also challenging are the prick-while-driving, and the prick-in-complete darkness.
Happy New Year, and best of luck!


Happy New Year, Jessica, to you and the whole Sweet Life team!!

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