Diabetes Supply Cases Worth Carrying


Diabetes Supply Cases Worth Carrying

Diabetes is rarely a glamorous condition, and that’s especially true when it comes to stashing and transporting all the high- and low-tech doodads we use to keep ourselves healthy. While most glucometers come with their own black vinyl zipper cases, you don’t have to be stuck with factory-issued fashion. Both men and women with diabetes have options than you may think.

Go custom. In response to the black vinyl crisis, several small companies have begun making carriers that offer some more sophisticated options. Myabetic offers colorful cases that can easily pass for regular-people wallets and purses, while Diabete-ezy sells containers that could likely hold an entire endocrinologist’s office, and – as a result – are a little more utilitarian in appearance.

Go cosmetic. Your local drugstore, department store or supermarket likely has an aisle full of cosmetic cases in dozens of different sizes and styles. Use a larger one when you want to carry everything from alcohol swabs to glucagon kits; smaller cases work when all you need is a testing kit and some glucose tabs. If you’re the kind of PWD who likes everything in its place, look for a cosmetics case with separate compartments – then put your lancing device where the lipstick’s supposed to go.

Repurpose. In a pinch, random household vessels can be reinvented as diabetes supply holders. Coin purses, pencil cases and jewelry bags can usually do the job. An empty sunglasses case can easily hold a small glucometer and a few other bare necessities. Even a clean sock can help keep it all together if you’re desperate enough.

Use what you like. Try searching Etsy for pouches, purses, wristlets and carriers – there’s no shortage of sophisticated vessels that zip, snap, fold and button. Keep an eye out at vintage stores for old cigarette cases, or buy a smaller, more affordable version of a fancy handbag. No matter what you choose to carry your diabetes supplies in, if it brings any amount of pleasure or

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