Diabetes Trash


Sometimes the strangest things make me happy. Yesterday while walking the dog I passed by an overflowing paper recycling bin. I wouldn’t normally notice such a thing, but something caught my eye.  Sticking out of the top of the bin was a Medtronic quick-set box (a 10 pack), just the kind I use. I don’t think I could explain this to a non diabetic, but seeing the box made me smile and feel a little happy.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen diabetic garbage on the street, but usually all I see is a used test strip or two. The truth is that I see them all the time. Just this morning I saw one near my building – a blue one. There is a spot on my street, in front of one of the buildings, that always has a few old test strips strewn around it (freestyle but without the butterfly).

I’ve also seen test strips in the park where I run, mostly around the water fountains. I used to assume they were all mine.  (I don’t litter on purpose, I promise! But I know test strips sometimes fall out of my pouch.  After 20 miles of running, if I do see one fall I don’t always stop to look for it.)

I’ve realized, though, there is no way all of the water-fountain-test-strips could be mine.  I’m just not that sloppy.  So, while I can’t condone litter in the park, I want to say: whoever you are out there checking your blood sugar in the same place I do, it makes me happy to know that I’m not alone in checking my blood sugar in the park.

At the risk of sounding like Oscar the grouch I will say the (diabetic) trash makes me happy.


Note: Pictures taken with iphone – how did we survive before we had a camera with us at all time?

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9 years ago

:) This make me happy just reading it! Ive never found test strips that are not my own, but i can see how that would make you feel less alone and happy in a way! 

Catherine Price
9 years ago

He’s lucky to have an understanding mom.

Lori M.
Lori M.
9 years ago

It used to be the sharp things I found laying around my son’s room were lego pieces.  Now I find a trail of pen needles.  Rather than frustration I find it reassuring.  I know he’s taking care of himself.  Teenagers and messy rooms are a way of life.  I don’t mind putting his diabetes debris in the proper place, it makes me feel connected to him and his diabetes.

Leighann Calentine
9 years ago

Love it! Like a Hansel and Gretel trail….

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