DiabetesMine Launches Test Kitchen: Video Product Review Hub


DiabetesMine, a leading diabetes blog, has announced the launch of a video product review hub, dubbed the Test Kitchen, created specifically by and for people whose lives are affected by diabetes. 

The DiabetesMine Test Kitchen invites people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and parents of diabetic children to submit 3-5 minute candid video reviews of products designed to assist with diabetes care in the following categories: 
  • Software and mobile health apps 
  • Insulin delivery devices 
  • Glucose measuring devices 
  • Diabetes carrying cases and accessories 
  • Food items, including glucose products for treating low blood sugar 
  • Other diabetes-relevant fitness, food, and lifestyle products 
The program will not review FDA-regulated drugs. 
 All videos will be shot in the reviewer’s kitchen, where so much of diabetes care – and life – takes place. 
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