Diabetic Annoyance #4295


I woke up this morning with blood sugar of 150. (I usually wake up between 80 and 110.) So I took some insulin, and then didn’t eat anything. Checked again. It went up to 170. Since then, it hasn’t been normal all day, despite the fact that the only things I’ve eaten with carbohydrates have been three strawberries (count them!) and a slice of bread. I also walked four miles.

My thoughts on this:

-sometimes I think that there is an insulin-hungry swarm of gremlins in my bloodstream whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc on my blood sugar and, thus, self esteem. They can tell when I feel like I am being truly virtuous, and then they rush into my blood and fuck shit up. I hate them, these gremlins.

-I also hate the way diabetes turns you into someone who feels it is okay to blog about what you ate for breakfast. I mean, honestly. Do any of you give a crap about my yogurt? Or the fact that I accompanied it by tea, Splenda, and three strawberries? It’s like the Crossfit trainer at my gym who blogs about what he eats. (He posts pie charts and everything so you can break it down by category.) I clicked on that guy’s blog once and thought, “Damn, that guy is crazy. Who cares if he had a beer with dinner?” And now look at me.

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