Diabetic Flu Shots, Revisited


Just another reminder that if you’ve got diabetes (or even if you don’t), you really should get a flu shot — and as I noted in a previous post, that really means two shots:  the regular flu shot, which you can get pretty easily at places like Walgreens, and the new H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, which is slowly becoming available across the country (and probably requires seeing your doctor, though it’s likely to be free).

Don’t believe me? Here’s a page from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) on why it’s important for diabetics to protect themselves. (One fun fact: diabetes are six times more likely than non-diabetics to end up in the hospital with complications from the flu.)   For light reading, check out the CDC’s guide to “If You Have Diabetes, A Flu Shot Can Save Your Life.” And remember, it takes a full two weeks to build up immunity, so get one sooner rather than later.

As for H1N1, the CDC includes it in its online guide to diabetes and the flu, pointing out that diabetics are on the priority list for who gets first dibs at a dose.

The bottom line: get the two vaccines. And if you’re feeling really up for multiple injections, treat yourself to a pneumonia vaccine at the same time.

Click  here to search for a Walgreens near you offering the regular flu shot.

Click here for CVS.

And here’s a link for free flu shots from CVS available to the unemployed (you need a voucher).

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