Diabetic Horse to Get CGM?


Remember a while back when I wrote about Justin Credible, the world’s first horse to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? (If memory fails, click here.) Well, here’s a follow-up from a website called (appropriately enough) thehorse.com. It says that Justin’s owners are working with two companies, DexCom and Insulet, to “develop a system that would allow them to continuously monitor their colt’s glucose levels and deliver insulin.”

From what I can tell, the proposed system sounds like it’d involve a pump and a continuous glucose monitor — but what I can’t determine is whether it’d be a closed loop system, which would mean it’d essentially be an artificial pancreas. If so, it’d be pretty crazy, since such a device has never been approved for humans.

My other thoughts: First, I hope the system works. As I mentioned in my earlier post, there’s something about a diabetic horse that hits me where it hurts (diabetic cats, not so much). But second, I’m a little jealous — it sounds like DexCom is donating a continuous glucose monitor. I mean, that’s great for Justin and his owners, but . . . how can I get them to do that for me? I guess being a diabetic woman is a little less novel than being a diabetic horse — but I’m happy to wear a costume and spend some time trotting around a field if that’s what it takes. Seriously. Say the word.

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