Diamyd US Phase III Study In Progress


Diamyd Medical announced it has completed the screening of patients for the US Phase III study, DiaPrevent, ending the recruitment campaign.

More than 310 recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes patients between 10 and 20 years of age have already been enrolled in the study and have received their first injection of the antigen-based therapy Diamyd or placebo.
The parallel European Phase III study is progressing according to plan, with the first results anticipated by the spring of 2011. All patients have received their 4 injections of Diamyd or placebo, and more than 70 percent have completed their 15 month visit. When all patients have completed their 15 month visit, the data will be processed and analyzed.

The global Phase III program aims to investigate whether Diamyd can halt or slow the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas in type 1 diabetes, preserving the body’s own ability to control blood sugar levels.

In Phase II studies, the Diamyd® therapy has been shown to slow the loss of beta cell function compared to placebo.

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