Do Not Use on Broken Skin

Do not use on broken skin
it was labelled
I did not read the label
I did not know
Didn’t you read the label?
Poison Control said
No, I did not know
Why didn’t you read the label?
I used to read I said
But not anymore?
Not anymore not
any longer Why?
I used to read I said
but my eye clouds stormed in
my lenses and I grew
tired there was too much
Too much?
Too much to read to know
too many numbers counts
and grams and microalbumins
too many warnings too
many tea leaves and I
read and I worried
But you didn’t read
I stopped I
stopped I closed my
eyes I stopped and
forgot all the numbers
the lipids the walls
and the holes And?
It was dark And?
My skin Your skin?
My skin it broke
and I didn’t read I
used to read but no
longer so I didn’t
read the label
I used it on broken skin
And? And what can be done?
You must remove it My skin?
The skin you must remove it
And in its place? There
is no other place it
must be removed I will
be left raw You will
And then? Without the lids
you will read the
counts the label and you
will see do not
use on broken skin and you
will know before
you will stop before
you do it again
But my skin
It is already broken
My eyes they are tired
You must then
you must read the label
before applying eyes or none
But my skin
You must remove it Now?
It is already broken.
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