Don’t Forget to Change Your (Diabetes) Clocks


Are you ready to SPRING FORWARD?  (Of course you aren’t.  Springing forward is the worst because it feels like you’ve lost six hours of sleep instead of just tweaking the clock by an hour.  But we’ll get through it together.)  Daylight savings time starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning, at 2 am, we’ll set our clocks forward by an hour, allowing for more hours of daylight.  The hardest part of changing the clocks is feeling tired for a few days, but the second hardest part is remembering to change ALL the clocks in your life.  Microwave, kitchen clock, the one in your car, your clock radio (if people still use such a thing), and your diabetes devices all need updating. 

Changing the clocks on your diabetes devices is a big deal, especially if you’re using an insulin pump and are rocking several different basal rates set to specific times.  Be sure to change the time on your pump and any glucose monitor that you use before you go to bed tonight, to ensure that your devices are up to date and timely by morning. 

And if you’re unsure how to change the clock on your device, that information is usually found in the “settings” screen.  Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual, or place a quick call to the customer service line, if you need a hand changing the time setting. 

Not everything about setting the clocks forward is tough; starting tomorrow, the afternoons are brighter and lighter, leaving some extra time to get outside and play.  (Yes, adults – you can go outside and play, too.)  With spring officially on its way, now is a terrific time to start taking walks after dinner to help manage that postprandial spike. Here’s a handy tip sheet with some changes you can make today that will help spring clean your health habits.  And if you’re feeling exhausted by the time change, you can always whip up a quick vanilla bean latte to give you a little boost. 

Don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, too, while you’re making little swaps here and there.  May as well change your lancet, too.  ‘Tis the time change season!

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