Dorking Out, Diabetes-style


I’m about to head into San Francisco to have coffee with Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine (she lives nearby in the Bay Area) — and I have to admit: I’m very excited. We’ve never met, but — and I recognize I’m sounding like a 7th grade girl here — I just know we’ll have tons to talk about. As a freelancer, I have very few interactions with real people to begin with (unless you count the people in my kickboxing class), and I have next to no friends with diabetes — or at least not ones I’ve met in person. The few times I’ve met with other people with Type 1 I’ve felt a sense of catharsis that I didn’t realize I was missing — the feeling of meeting someone and knowing that, without having to utter a word of explanation, they understand exactly what I’m going through. So I’m very excited to meet Amy and share our experiences with the DM.

In other news, I just experimented with another diabetes-friendly Deborah Madison recipe that I’d recommend — a very simple and healthy soup from her great soup cookbook. Cook up a couple onions and/or leeks, add about a pound of kale (cut into ribbons with the stems removed) and the florets from one head of cauliflower. Cook that all in a bit of olive oil for about five minutes — till the onions start to get translucent and a little brown — and then add vegetable stock (or chicken, if you want). Cook till the vegetables are tender, and then serve with generous amounts of grated parmesan cheese. (The original recipe also calls for chunks of potato in the soup, but I think it’s just as good without.) I made it last night and it was both incredibly easy and satisfying. Plus, cooking the vegetables in the soup itself makes me feel especially healthy — I assume that whatever nutrients seeped out during cooking just ended up in the broth, which adds to the self satisfaction I already feel every time I eat kale.

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