Don’t hate me for saying this, but eating the same thing over and over again has its benefits for diabetics.  If you know the carbohydrate content of your food, how your body responds to it and how much insulin you need to cover it, chances are you won’t have a postprandial surprise.

This doesn’t mean that eating has to be boring.  You can mix and match your meals, just like you do your shirts and pants.  Have oatmeal for breakfast sometimes, other times have it for dinner.   The idea here is finding things that work for you, and sticking with them.  Routine, for me, has become a synonym for healthy, rather than for dull.

All that said, diabetes being diabetes, can be totally unpredictable.  Catherine Price documented this for us in her day-by-day account of a banana with peanut butter breakfast.  My safest meal is an omelet with a cucumber salad, and a slice of low-carb bread.  No matter what time of the day I eat it, or how much activity (or lack of activity) I’ve had, my post meal blood sugar will be under 120.

Do you have safe foods that you rely on to keep your blood sugar level stable?

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