Eight New Diabetes Products to Look for in 2012


The new year holds promise for better (and smaller!) diabetes devices.   Take a look at our favorite up-and-coming products.

iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter


We had the chance to get a sneak peek at the iBGStar, which just received FDA 501k clearance.  The only thing to say about this device is- WOW.  The iBGStar is the first-ever medical device that plugs directly into the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It also may be the world’s smallest glucometer. About the size of a USB flash drive, the iBGStar allows users to view and analyze information in real time, allowing for information to be shared with healthcare professionals while on-the-go.

The iBGStar is coupled with the new iBGStar Diabetes Manager App, a free logging app, which is not yet available in the iTunes store.

* The device will be marketed by Sanofi.

Tandem’s t:slim Insulin Pump

Granted FDA clearance in November 2011, Tandem’s t:slim insulin pump is one of the coolest diabetes devices around. The t:slim looks more like one of the latest Apple products than like an insulin pump. It offers a color touch screen and was designed to make diabetes management easier to teach and easier to learn. Additional user-oriented features of this insulin pump include an eco-friendly rechargeable battery and USB connectivity to a web-based therapy management software.

The pump is 25% slimmer than Medtronic’s Revel and Animas’ OneTouch Ping.

Tandem has said that it expects to start marketing the pump during the second half of 2012.

Asante Solution’s Pearl Insulin Pump


Asante's Pearl Insulin Pump

Asante designed the Pearl insulin pump to make living with an insulin pump easier. Instead of designing a product with more bells and whistles, they designed their insulin pump around a currently available 300 unit prefilled insulin cartridge, and a simple-to-use interface. By using a prefilled insulin cartridge, the Pearl design eliminates the steps of filling pump reservoirs, and simplifies one of the most common tasks associated with pumping. Pearl programming was also designed to be very easy, with large text and a very intuitive menu of options. In designing the Pearl pump, the goal was not necessarily to create a “fancier” pump, but rather, a sensible pump that is truly easier to learn and use.

Although Asante Solutions received FDA clearance for its new Pearl insulin pump in mid-May and European approval (the CE Mark) in April 2011, according to the company, they’re not ready to publish an anticipated launch date.

 Cellnovo Mobile Patch Pump

This mobile patch pump developed by UK-based Cellnovo includes features like a wireless, touch screen handset with a built-in blood glucose monitor, and an extendable applications set.

Cellnovo is cool, modern, and attractive, but one of most exciting features is how small the patch is.  Another great feature is that the Cellnovo handset wirelessly receives and transmits real-time data to a portal for patients and caregivers to use.

The pump was approved for use in Europe in 2011 and should be on the market during 2012. The FDA has yet to approve the pump but we can hope….

The Solo Insulin Patch Pump

Back in 2010, Roche acquired the Israel-based company Medingo, creator of the Solo micropump insulin delivery system.  This system combines key features of traditional insulin pumps in a patch form.   The patch has on-site bolus buttons and is detachable. It’s thinner than the currently available Omnipod patch. 

The system is made of two key parts that work together wirelessly – the micropump and the remote. The micropump delivers insulin in a personalized way based on your personalized insulin program and keeps your remote updated on its status.

Like the OmniPod, the Solo will include a built in glucose meter which will use Roche’s Accu-Chek Aviva test strips.

Recently I saw the Solo for the first time.  While the hand-held remote device looks dated, the pump itself is sleek and cool.   The long anticipated launch of the Solo is supposed to take place during 2012.

Speaking of OmniPod…

Insulet Corporation, maker of Omnipod, has already received approval in Europe for its next generation patch. I viewed the patch recently at a diabetes conference, and it does look significantly smaller, which makes it much more appealing.  The new patch has all the same features as the current OmniPod but will be approximately one third smaller and one quarter lighter.

Medtronic’s Enlite CGM Sensor

This sensor was approved in Europe in April 2011, and the FDA is still waiting for an additional study by Medtronic before approving the new sensor in the U.S.  According to Medtronic, Enlite combines greater comfort with improved glucose sensor performance in both overall accuracy and hypo detection.

When I saw the new sensor for the first time I was amazed at its size (69% smaller than the current CGM sensor according to Medtronic).  Not only is it smaller and more accurate but it also has a life span of 6 days bringing it into the range of the DexCom 7.

With so many U.S. pumpers using Medtronic pumps and CGMs, we can only hope that the study is successful, and that this new sensor will be available in 2012.

 Spring Universal Infusion Sets For Children

spring universal infusion setSince its recent commercial launch, the Spring Universal Infusion Set has been particularly well received by parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Specifically, the following features were highly favored: the automatic all-in-one inserter (which gives young patients the independence to do their own site changes), the lightning-fast needle insertion with automatic retraction (minimizing insertion sensation and reducing sharps injuries and fear-factor), and the detach-detect mechanism (allowing for a peace of mind, especially at night in case of cannula dislodging and subsequent insulin leaking at site).

Following user feedback, Spring is planning to launch a special line of infusion sets for pediatric patients. Aside from the features found in all of its sets, the Spring Universal Pediatric will offer a 4.5mm cannula, 30cm tubing, and a multicolor inserter. Other features are currently being discussed in focus groups and Spring welcomes public feedback which can be submitted to info@springnow.com. The estimated product launch will coincide with the AADE conference in August of 2012, with a sneak-peak preview at the ADA Scientific Sessions in June.


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8 years ago

The Solo micropump is cancelled. A new Accu-Chek micropump won’t be released before 2016.

10 years ago

Just bought the IGStar . It is awesome, the designers were really thinking when they put this together.

10 years ago

WOW, oh wow, oh wow, OMG, WOW!!! Okay, so maybe I get a little excited at new DM technologies but these products tell me we are truly crossing into a next-generation and not just getting fairly lame incremental updates of products. Found this page since I recently received a new Animas Ping and will be returning it since it disappoints on several levels, first and foremost being the lack of full-functionality and data availability in the meter/remote. But that is really irrelevant since the meter is FAR too bulky for me to consider carrying around 24/7/365 anyway. So will not… Read more »

10 years ago

Lucky enough to receive a trial month of the Spring Infusion Sets. Really a nice product with a really nice insertion system. The actual attachment of the tubing to the base is a little awkward though requiring 2 hands and if you’re not careful you can pinch the skin against the plastic base which can make a sore.

10 years ago

Has anyone heard when the new, smaller Omnipod will be available in the U.S.?

10 years ago

Is there any news about bloodless glucose meters?

chris fried
chris fried
10 years ago

wish i could go to a conference to look at all of these new products myself. will there be a conference sometime in New Jersey, please let me know. 

Catherine Price
10 years ago

Thanks Alex. We did have a feature on Enject earlier last year, but I’m not at all sre we will see this great product on the market in 2012.

10 years ago

Thanks for this post! I spent a long time searching around to read about these, nice to have them in one place!

Two other cool products include:

Enject- glucagon pen

Telcare- meter that transmits BG values wirelessly through cell network.

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