For people with diabetes, exercise is generally a great thing.  That’s one of the reasons I always tell myself to exercise more.  In fact, I pledge to do it every year.  You could say it’s my traditional new year’s resolution.  I’m hoping this year I actually follow through. 

I have a solid exercise routine that I make sure to do twice a week.  But my goal is to do it four times a week. I stopped going to the gym a while ago and instead I do my routine at home with some excellent tools.  If you’re looking to start the year off with a new workout or a home workout, I recommend any of the items below.  To avoid injuries, make sure you learn how to use the equipment properly before you start!


I’ve blogged about my TRX a few times.  It is my all-time favorite exercise tool.  I first used a TRX about six months after a c-section.  Three months later my abs were as tight as ever.  I swear!  If you decide to start exercising with a TRX, it’s well-worth investing in a private lesson with a trainer to get the basics down. 



 Balance.  I need it in my blood sugar.  I need it in my life.  On the BOSU you must maintain your center of gravity over an unstable surface.  As your body moves and shifts into and out of balance, your muscles work to keep you in place.


 Resistance bands (with handles)

I prefer these to free weights for many reasons.  I love how easy they are to store, and there is no worry about dropping them on my toes!  When you use resistance bands there is constant tension, so although you may be doing the same exercises you do with free weights, the exercise feels different.  Because of the constant tension involved you must stabilize your body – you’re working on balance and using many muscles to do this.  You can adjust the tension to suit your level.  This is a great tool for biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest.

Resistence Band with handles

Resistance bands (without handles)

These are similar to the bands above.  You can purchase one according to your fitness level, meaning some bands are more difficult to stretch than others.  The more resistance, the more difficult the exercise.

Exercise mat

For the sake of comfort, you should have one of these!  Look for a non-slip mat.

Jump rope

Want to get your heart rate up?  Jumping rope will do the trick.  It also will enhance your coordination, agility, and endurance.

Fitness ball

I love the fitness ball about as much as I love the TRX.  One of my proudest fitness moments came when I first balanced on my knees on the fitness ball.  Before I knew it, I was so good at balancing on the ball I could do bicep curls, shoulder presses, and even play catch with a weighted ball without falling over.  And yes, it took a lot of work, and some embarrassing mishaps to get there! 

Balance disc

This inflated disc works on balance, strength and stability.  It’s portable, so a good alternative to the fitness ball and Bosu if you’re traveling. 


Happy New Year!

                                                                                                                                                    – Jessica Apple

Consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

Consult a trained professional or trainer before using a tool you aren’t familiar with. 


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