Eyeballs out

Cataract surgery.

I have been
diabetic longer
than you are old
long i chiiiild
a gentle gnawing
a slow abrasion
and now you say
you say let’s
pluck out her eye
now there’s the long i
and so they will
vacuum it out
a routine plucking
throooop like that
thousands thousands
a year and I think
of all the eyeballs
in their vacuum
lovers watching
a primordial soup
plastics plastics
are the future
I trust him
what’s his name the Jew
plastic lens
unfolds telescopes
like an umbrella
and then I will
cycloptic stare
one eye in a vacuum
darling darling
will you do me
a favor I need
a right eye
can you please
be my eyeball see
for me tell me
what do you see
a child chiiiild
a diabetic child
veins slowly abraded
from inside out
eyeballs out.

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