FDA approves the t:slim, Tandem Diabetes Care Innovative Insulin Pump

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Tandem Diabetes Care clearance to market the t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System (t:slim). This new full-featured pump is the first-ever with a color touch screen, and is the smallest insulin pump system currently available. The t:slim is one of the first insulin pumps to be cleared under the FDA’s new Infusion Pump Improvement Initiative.
The t:slim has a color touch screen and was designed to make diabetes management easier to teach and easier to learn. Additional user-oriented features of this insulin pump include an eco-friendly rechargeable battery and USB connectivity to a web-based therapy management software. The t:slim is a modern, programmable insulin infusion pump for people with diabetes age 12 and greater who require insulin. 
The pump’s streamlined interface provides users with quick and easy access to all the device’s functions. The t:slim features Tandem’s proprietary micro-delivery technology, which provides safe and accurate insulin delivery from a 300-unit cartridge, and allows for the device’s slimmest-in-class form factor.
Tandem Diabetes Care plan to launch the t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System during the first half of 2012.
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