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I love chocolate.  Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite things, right up there with cats- except that I don’t eat cats.  Actually, I don’t really eat chocolate now either, but I’ve never eaten cats.  After my type 1 diagnosis last year, I swore off sugar completely, and I try to avoid artificial sweeteners too, so basically I’ve  had A Year Without Chocolate. (I was pregnant when I received my diagnosis, and while that made many things especially difficult, it made giving up sweets easier– it was my baby’s health, not just mine, at stake).

Yesterday, my body said, “feed me chocolate.”  And I’m a firm believer in listening to my body, so I did, or maybe I should say- I tried.

I couldn’t let go and gorge on leftover Halloween candy.  I couldn’t allow myself to buy something I really love (like peanut M &M’s) because it would be too painful to say good-bye to them again tomorrow.  So, following the lead of Catherine Price, I decided to go for dark chocolate.  Until yesterday, to me dark chocolate had always been something I associated with huge disappointment.  What was worse as a kid then getting your hands on some chocolate, biting into it, and finding out it was bitter?  But now as a grown up, wanna-be sophisticated diabetic I figured I could enjoy it.

So with my body shouting, “feed me chocolate,” I went to the store and bought two dark chocolate bars.  One was a fancy Swiss bar, Lindt  85% cacao.  (There was also a version called ‘a touch of sea salt.’  To that I say, if I wanted salt, I’d buy pretzels).  The second was a regular supermarket brand, 60% cacao, which had significantly more grams of carb than the 85%.  (I threw out the wrappers, so I don’t have the data here to share.  Sorry!).

After the kids were all asleep I called Mike over for a sampling of dark chocolate.  The results were:  we both hated the 85% bar.  The texture was nice, but the flavor was what I imagine chewing on a Tylenol caplet would taste like.  The 60% bar was considerably better.  Mike kind of liked it.  I almost, kind of, sort of liked it, but I didn’t really.

At that point, thoroughly dissatisfied, I decided to read about chocolate, since eating it was going nowhere.  Also, I’d never thought about chocolate in percentages before, so I felt like I needed some explanation.  Here is a good site to learn about chocolate and the history of chocolate.  Next,  I consulted someone I consider an expert- Oliver Miller– author of Halloween Smackdown ’09.  I asked him to give his opinion of dark chocolate.  Oliver said, ” Dark chocolate is gross.  And yet people seem to like it in an inverse proportion to its actual grossness.  It’s like how people pretend to like Starbucks coffee, when really Starbucks coffee is the burned and nastiest thing of ever.  People like to prove “sophistication” by pretending to like bitter things.  …Is my theory.”

The question I’m left with after this chocolate adventure is whether it’s worth it to have no chocolate at all, or to have some that isn’t all that great.  Probably the former, but I’m willing to keep an open mind.

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Wolfgang Loss-Wells
Wolfgang Loss-Wells
10 years ago

Dark Chocolate: Gross! Bitter & Sour together, without sweet? No Thanks!


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Robert Scheinman
13 years ago

When I was diagnosed as prediabetic I got a nutrition consult. When I asked her about what foods were to be avoided completely she gave me an interesting answer: “nothing”. Instead, she said, she advocates restraint. it works like this: try taking a small bite of your favorite chocolate – probably a peanut M&M in your case. The critical thing is to let it melt in your mouth and try to get every molecule of taste out of it. Really take a long time over this. Now repeat the process. By the third repeat you will notice that the flavor… Read more »

13 years ago

If you like chocolate, visit http://www.wealthywonka.com and call 212.990.6027.  If you know anyone with health issues, have them try this chocolate and tell you what they experience.  We are seeing amazing things with the world’s healthiest chocolate!  When you are ready, contact me at willie@wealthywonka.com.  Cheers!

Tyler Braithwaite
Tyler Braithwaite
13 years ago

65% chocolate and higher should not be chewed through, but must be enjoyed by letting the piece melt in your mouth. This way you will allow the different flavor notes appear. The experience will be much better if you don’t chew through it. Cacao (chocolate) is very healthy, but if you can’t get past the taste, well, thats just not fun.

Diana McCalla
13 years ago

Jessica, you are in for a treat.  Obviously you haven’t been introduced to the right kind of chocolate yet.  There is a dark chocolate so high in antioxidants, and so decadent, you will never feel guilty about eating chocolate again.  This company has a patented process where they cold-press the cocoa beans, so 100 per cent of the antioxidants are preserved.  Furthermore, there are no preservatives, no processed sugars, no bad fats, no caffeine and it tastes like the most decadent Belgium chocolate you have ever tasted.  It comes in seven different varieties and you can check it out at:… Read more »

Scott Richard
13 years ago

My take – Go BIG or Go HOME!  If you are going to cheat…cheat right and have some DAMN GOOD CHOCOLATE!  Buy the M&M’s…count the carbs…bolus correctly and enjoy!

13 years ago

We should organize a chocolate swap, where I give you hershey’s milk chocolate in exchange for all your lovely 60 percent cacao. (85 percent is too much even for me.) As for Oliver’s comment, I can agree with him on one important point: Starbucks coffee is nasty.

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