First Mobile Diabetes Management System Approved by EU

Cellnovo pumpThe UK-based company, Cellnovo, received CE Mark approval for the world’s first mobile diabetes management system, a significant milestone for the company and for people living with diabetes. Cellnovo is a complete diabetes management system built around the principles of mobile, wireless technology. The system includes an insulin patch pump, a wireless, touch screen handset with a built-in blood glucose monitor, and an extendable applications set. 
Cellnovo’s ground breaking technology means that diabetes therapies can now be managed more easily, accurately and intuitively. The patch pump is the smallest and most precise ever developed, and the touch screen, wireless handset is instantly familiar to those who have used other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone. 

The most exciting feature of the Cellnovo handset is that it wirelessly receives and transmits real-time data to a portal for patients and caregivers to use. This means that patients no longer have the burden of keeping meticulous journals, and that the data collected is incredibly accurate and consistent, ensuring optimal monitoring and treatment of the disease. 

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11 years ago

But is no real patch, is it?? – I use the Omnipod for 3 months now and it is great!! – This new pump has no automatic canula insertion.. this is a great feature after you have used the first time. Putting my pod on is so easy and quick. – Also I do not carry more stuff around, as there is a BGM meter for Freestyle strips integrated in my Omnipod handheld.

11 years ago

OMG it  so cool!!! look brilliant and how much is cost?????

Brian MacNamara
Brian MacNamara
11 years ago

Looks nice, but still an extra device to carry around. Ideally I don’t want 2 touchscreen devices in my pocket. When will we see all the functionality of the dedicated handheld device available as an app that will run on my iPhone/Android. The auto upload of data to a portal is a nice feature – can see how that would be very useful for parents. 

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