Food for the Holidays


Esther's Feast (France 1774-1779)

Christmas and lights and
God is born man I
don’t get that part but
I accept like
gifts under the tree but
when did this become
He is born and now
we eat that’s really
more of a Jewish thing
no? I’ve been told
crime spikes and
suicide too lonely
people left alone but
for me what
really gets me
for me the problem
is the thing 
thinging around 
the dinner table our
hearth eating and plenty
and it’s all self-
control really but
I’m the angel not 
Jacob on that one you
know? Eating for
me snake and his apple
a calculation I
fail to make time
and time and time
again so help me
please? Let’s thing
thing around
elsewhere otherwise
God is born man
we are born hungry 
and naked but
let’s be sated and
still be naked we
things thinging
and me a little less
anxious yeah?
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