From Chocolate To TRX


I recently declared one up on chocolate and now I have to eat my words (which-btw-I’d eat any time over the horrific chili flavored dark chocolate I tasted the other day).  Anyway, chocolate got the better of me.  Guess how?  I gained back the pound I’d worked so hard to lose.  I know you’re thinking what’s one pound?…But I’m a very small woman, and so every pound shows.  The lesson here is that chocolate, whether or not it tastes good, has a lot of calories.  And while I’m talking about weight, this is a good time to mention the amazing stuff I’ve been doing in the gym- I’ve been using the TRX suspension system.  Seriously, the TRX workouts have been the best ones I’ve ever had.


I’m seven months after my second cesarean-section, and though I’ve been doing ab exercises for a few months already, I really wasn’t seeing any change in what I call my spaghetti muscles (that’s cooked spaghetti I’m referring to, not al dente, but very cooked).  What I mean is that my muscles have felt weak and saggy, and even doing hundreds and thousands of crunches didn’t seem to help.  Then a trainer in my gym introduced me to the TRX.  After six workouts I started to see definition coming back into my abs.  Yes, there’s still a ways to go, but it’s a great beginning.  It’s also just kind of fun to be suspended.  I don’t mean for this to sound like an infomercial, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  I’m going to be all about the TRX from now on, so expect to hear more.  (Also, blood sugar has been good on the TRX days).

BougieIn other stomach news, though not workout related, baby Adam has finally gotten over a bout of constipation and is sleeping—and giving me a chance to sit down for a second and blog.  And Bougie the cat  had an unfortunate episode – he didn’t exactly make it to the litter box on time, meaning he got himself pretty dirty, meaning that’s what I had to deal with at 6 a.m. today along with the needs of my three boys.  Lucky for Mike, he was not around to help since he was out marathon training.  He ran 22 miles this morning.   I’m too impressed to complain about his absence.   In all the mess of the kids, getting them dressed, making breakfast, making their lunches for school, and the cat running around the house with excrement in his trousers, I did neglect myself.  I completely forgot to check my fasting blood sugar.  One of the hardest things, I find, is remembering to take care of myself.  I know I don’t have to tell you this, but it feels good to point it out, so I will: diabetes is a full time job!

Don’t forget tomorrow is World Diabetes Day.  Go Blue!

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Meredith Resnick
13 years ago

Fascinating about the TRX suspension – it somehow feels intuitively correct that it should work. I have a yoga teacher that talks about the benefits of increasing stomach strength/definition with exercises done on hands and knees – it forces you to work on balance plus strength. Also seems intuitively correct but not obvious. I love learning this kind of thing.

13 years ago

Oh, that poor cat. I can sense his disgust through the screen!

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