Getting Back (slowly)


Five weeks after my surgery I can finally say that things are getting back to normal. When I say “things” what I’m really referring to are my blood sugar levels. I haven’t had a low yet (not that I really want one) but for the last week my morning blood sugar levels have been 100 – 125, and I even woke up 89 on Saturday.

This great improvement has come together with my return to running and  I’ve also seen a decrease in insulin requirements.

After my surgery it seemed like no matter how much insulin I took my blood sugar levels wouldn’t come down. For the first 2-3 days after surgery, they stayed above 200. A few days later they were in the 150-180 range and then, a couple of weeks after surgery, they came down again to what seemed to be normal levels, but I required much more insulin than normal to keep them there. Even cutting out quinoa (my only real carb) from my diet didn’t help.

But last week things seemed to suddenly change.  As I felt better and started running more, my insulin requirements dropped. And after weeks of correction boluses I didn’t need them. I know there is not just one reason for this change, but I also know that running deserves much of the credit.   

I’m still far from my 50+ mile weeks, but this week I ran 4 times, running 6-7 miles each time at a decent pace.  I still have some pain when I run but nothing like before the surgery and nothing like when I retuned to running three weeks ago.

Running again has put me in a much better mood. I’m a little startled, though, at how hard it is to come back.

Twenty miles seem fairly unattainable right now. 

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Scott K. Johnson
10 years ago

I agree with Catherine.  You’ll get there.

When I get hurt playing basketball, one of the basic mistakes I make is trying to get back to it too quickly.  Sure, it’s good to push yourself a little bit, but not to the point of re-injury.

Be patient man, you’ll get there. 

10 years ago

You’ll get there! And I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

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