Great Diabetes Xmas Present – AgaMatrix’s iPhone Glucose Meter gets FDA Approval


I am very grateful for all my diabetes devices. I can’t imagine managing diabetes without a glucometer , I find the pump I was so scared of has made my life better and I wouldn’t mind hooking up to a CGM. Having said that I can’t stop myself from wondering why our devices seem like they were designed sometime in the 80’s.

It seems sometimes that the people designing the devices I use just don’t know about iphones and their apps. This is especially obvious when you suddenly see a diabetes device which looks like it’s part of the iphone age like Cellnovo’s mobile patch pump and Tandem’s t:slim insulin pump.

The reason I bring this up now is because it seems as if AgaMatrix’s iPhone glucose meter, the iBGStar, has finally received FDA 501k clearance, meaning that it is approved for sale in the US.

The iGBStar, is a USB sized glucometer add-on the plugs directly into your iphone or ipod.

I’m not going to go into all of the technical aspects since I don’t have the device (If you want to read more about it AmyT at diabetes mine has a review) but I don’t really need a review to have an opinion of this product, all I need is a picture. This is very cool. I would definitely like one of these for Christmas or Hanukkah.

The App is not yet available on the Apple App Store but I’m sure Sanofi, the company marketing the device, will take care of that soon.

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Jeff Nobles
Jeff N.
10 years ago

It’s on my list now, too. Happy Holidays!

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