GSK Rejects Allegation Regarding Avandia Safety


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) responded to the recently released Senate Committee on Finance report regarding Avandia. GSK said it rejects any allegations of concealing safety information or acting inappropriately on behalf of patients.  GSK also said it disagrees with the Committee’s decision to publish a Staff Report with the errors of fact, omissions, and inferences detailed in GSK’s White Paper.

GSK stated that it stands behind the safety of Avandia. GSK also denied reports claiming the FDA had called for withdrawal of Avandia, and said the FDA advised that “patients should continue taking rosiglitazone unless told by their healthcare professional to stop.”
GSK said it would welcomes the opportunity for an independent and scientific evaluation of the collective safety of rosiglitazone at the upcoming FDA advisory committee in July.

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