Halloween Costumes Only People with Diabetes Will Understand


If ASweetLife threw a Halloween party it would, of course, be a diabetes-themed event. But the last thing anyone wants to do is dress up as a freaking glucose meter.  Or worse, a CGM that beeps all through the party.   And then…  you can’t dress up as a syringe or everyone will think you’re a  prick.  You know what happened to me last time I wore my paper mache metformin costume?  Not even my endo knew what I was.  (She mistook me for a generic statin and everyone else thought I was the moon.) I shared my hypothetical problem with my friends and we racked our brains for diabetes costume ideas while we carved teal pumpkins and imagined a party where candy didn’t scare the crap out of us.  Yep, you read that right.  There is nothing more haunting than the bolus you take to cover three Hershey’s kisses, a mini pack of Life Savers, a roll of Smarties, half a Twix, and a Tootsie Pop.  There is no shriek more terrifying than the one that rips out of you when your glucose meter says HI.   And if you’re like me and you think the candy you eat while trick-or-treating doesn’t count because you’re using so much energy walking slowly down the street and ringing door bells (even though everyone knows knocking burns more carbs), you, too, should don a fool’s hat. With the creativity of Moira McCarthy, Melissa Lee, and Jacquie Wojick, I present you with a list of Halloween costumes only people with diabetes will understand.  Happy Halloween!  

Because diabetes sucks.



Because diabetes is 24/7

Clock Costume


Because someone asked if you’re well-controlled 



Because diabetes is disobedient.



Because it cures diabetes 

Spice Girls  


Because you spotted someone else with a pump in the wild. 



Because you’ve been high all day 

Fun World Women's Living Dead Costume


Because you’ve been high all day



Because sugar free candy



Because hypoglycemia

juicebox costume


Because you’re going to your endo appointment 

Angel Costume


Because diabetes is shitty

Poop Emoji Costume


Because it was a gusher

It's a Gusher


Because you’ve been cured

mouse costume  

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