Happy Anniversary: 10 Years of ASweetLife (and a giveaway)


Dear Readers,

For the past several months, I’ve been lucky to work for ASweetLife as a writer and editor. Before I began writing for this magazine, I knew ASweetLife as a hub for original content on issues that mattered to me as a person with diabetes: news, technology, diet, lifestyle, and more. Now that I represent the brand as a journalist, I understand how well-respected ASweetLife really is in the diabetes community. Professionals are eager to speak with us because they know that ASweetLife is a high-quality site that readers are happy to engage with.

Beyond that, ASweetLife has an important role to play as an advocate for a superior approach to diabetes management. Despite better and better technology, diabetes outcomes are not always improving. And even as complaints about the high cost of insulin reach a crescendo, most doctors and patients still tend to see expensive novel technology and medication as the primary ways to meet management goals. ASweetLife has made it a mission to eloquently and persuasively show that such goals are often achievable with common sense lifestyle adjustments. It’s an important message, and the number of willing listeners is growing every day.

But we really can’t do this without you, our readers.

ASweetLife is a nonprofit publication. We need your support to continue creating content that’s informative and inspiring.

If you read ASweetLife, we’d be grateful if you’d support our work. In honor of our anniversary, we’re asking our readers to consider a $10 (or more) donation today. Every little bit helps us keep publishing. Please take a look below at what some of our finest contributors have to say about the important role ASweetLife plays in the diabetes space.

Thank you for your support.


Ross Wollen, writer and editor

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Praise for ASweetLife:

“A Sweet Life is one of the clear voices of progress and change in the diabetes community, making things better for us all. I am ever so grateful for their support of my crazy kitchen experiments over the past 10 years. We’ve grown up together and I am looking forward to seeing what the next decade brings. Keep on pushing the envelope and paving the way for a healthier way of living with diabetes.” Carolyn Ketchum, All Day I Dream About Food, author of the Everyday Ketogenic Cookbook

“Thank you to ASweetLife for being willing to cover the difficult topics, particularly related to the insulin price crisis. Thank you for wanting to highlight various perspectives and support smaller organizations and causes!” Elizabeth Pfiester, founder, T1International

“I appreciate A Sweet Life as a home for both good writing and important, sensible, honest advice about how to live well with diabetes. Writing for and reading A Sweet Life makes me feel like I’m part of a community of people who are all doing their best to live with and even thrive with (either as a PWD or a parent) a difficult disease,” Katie Bacon, editor, writer, D-Mom

“I never really visited most diabetes sites. The writing tended to be poor, the research was dated, and the attitude was generally cloying and condescending. A Sweet Life isn’t any of those things. I discovered it and felt immediately at home. The articles speak on a compassionate, informed, and honest level to me as a diabetic, but more importantly, to me as a person. That means a lot,” Alex O’Meara, author of Chasing Medical Miracles

“When ASweetLife launched, the topic of low carb and diabetes management was fully taboo and would bring down the full hammer of care providers, associations and even leaders in the community. So a big thanks to ASweetLife for being a real guiding low carb light in the diabetes community – diabetics are entitled to normal blood sugars! RD Dikeman, founder of TypeOneGrit and D-dad

“I’ve had the honor of both reading and writing for A Sweet Life over the years, and it has always been a solid resource for both community and low-carb awareness. As a longtime PWD, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make life with diabetes easier,” Kerri Sparling, author of SixUntilMe.

Please donate today!

Everyday Keto Kitchen - Carolyn KetchumSpecial Giveaway: In honor of our ten year anniversary, we’re giving away a collection of autographed books from Carolyn Ketchum. Entry to the giveaway is automatic for anyone who makes a donation. Good luck and thank you for your support.


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