Has A British Man Really Been Cured of Type 1 Diabetes?


I have been living with type 1 diabetes for 25 years now. The relentlessness of type 1, and the fact that I will probably live with this non-preventable condition for the rest of my life never goes away, but I have almost made peace with it.

 A few days ago, I saw something that gave me pause. “British man with type 1 diabetes to receive tests after coming off insulin,” read Diabetes.co.uk’s headline. The article goes onto say that, “Daniel Darkes, from Daventy in Northamptonshire, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven years ago. But his recent tests have baffled doctors as his pancreas has shown signs of working properly again.”

My first thoughts upon reading this were, “this can’t be true,” and “what’s the real explanation here?” There are many types of diabetes including type 2, LADA, and monogenic. Maybe he actually had one of those types instead of type 1. Usually, tests can determine this quickly though, so why was it not the case with Dan?

British Man Believes He is Cured of Type 1 Diabetes
Daniel Darkes

I live in the UK and I wanted to get to the bottom of things.  I managed to get in touch with ‘Miracle Dan’, as he’s been called by his friends. Although he is saving the specific details of his recent test results from the U.S. for an upcoming exclusive interview with another media outlet, he spoke to me and answered some of my questions about everything that has been happening.


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your diabetes. When were you diagnosed? 

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in February 2011 at the age of 23, after just leaving the army. I started a new engineering job and within two weeks of starting, I noticed the traditional symptoms of type 1 diabetes: thirst, weight loss, blurry vision, and a lot of vomiting. I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to hospital where I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

I have always controlled my diabetes pretty well since my diagnosis seven years ago. I do a lot of long distance running, which could possibly relate to this, as some of the tests are proving at present.

Did you have a test to measure for c-peptide at diagnosis that confirmed your body was no longer making any insulin at all? 

I was tested and those tests did say my pancreas was not making any insulin at all. There was definitely nothing there in terms of insulin production. I was also previously tested and had the antibodies that destroy beta cells.

How did you realize that you might be ‘cured’, and can you tell us more about that? What was the change you noticed?

I was going low a lot, waking up hypo in the night. Eventually, after blood tests, including ones that showed my HbA1C was lowering, and getting lower, I was told by my doctors to reduce my insulin intake. I was eventually told to come off it completely.

 What types of tests have you been going through? What can you tell us about those test results?

What has happened has never been seen before, so I was sent to St. Louis to get tests done. They included a run with fasting for 6 hours beforehand. I was sent there mainly to undergo more extensive tests than could be done in the UK. One such test included a data microchip and physical exercise to determine sensor movement from my brain to see if there was a sufficient trigger in my cells, especially as my body was going into exhaustion mode.

I do a lot of long-distance running and there is a theory that one of my 100-mile ultra-marathons may have shocked my body into producing insulin again. There will be more information coming out soon about the results of my tests.

Is it possible you were just misdiagnosed as having type 1 diabetes when really it was another type?

I definitely had type 1 diabetes. I have gotten many comments online that I was just misdiagnosed and it was type 2 diabetes, but I was on Novorapid and Lantus for 7 years – taking 15 units in morning, 12 units at lunch and then another evening dose. I do not think I was misdiagnosed. I know what I had.

Is there an official name for what has happened to your body?

There is no name as of yet for what I have, but within the next few weeks, no doubt there will be.

 Are you completely off insulin now? What’s next for you in terms of your healthcare plan?

I have now been off all insulin since December 2016. I will have regular check-ups, and regular blood tests to monitor all of this.

How do you feel about everything that has happened?

Right now, I am feeling delighted and shocked. I sleep better, feel sharper and alert, and I am full of energy.


 A big thank you to Daniel for taking the time to speak with me. To be honest, I am more baffled than ever, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting more information about Dan’s test results.

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Thanks for the article. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March of 2017 (when this article was written) at the age of 30. I’m in the “honey moon” phase, I believe. This article does give me hope as I’m currently down to taking 5 units of Lantus daily and 2-3 units of Novolog with meals of 75 carbs or less. It does appear that I’m needing less and less insulin as time goes by. Through some research I’ve found that foods such as turmeric, ginger, bone broth, etc., can help heal the gut and lower inflammation so I’m… Read more »

Hi Andrew, I would like to talk to you. My son was diagnosed last April as T1. I have sent you my email. I have also read a bit recently about the fasting diet in mice – was it the American doctor, gosh can’t think of his name now but either way, I’d be interested to hear how your diet is improving things.

Elizabeth,thank you! I always believed that type 1 can be cured, yes ,so glad there is one went through lab. Most cured just keep themselves quiet to avoid chaos in life.( yes, imagine being labled and doubted and questioned all the time) Was looking for more detailed living style about dan, eating, sleeping, but not much. yes, sport with good sweat can cure, he did that. what else? For people who care about this topic, most probably either you or your loved ones have type 1, I assume. You are so educated about “the medical fact” and have you ever… Read more »
I was also diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, coming into the hospital after becoming very thin, urinating many times at night, blurry vision, and other diabetes signs. My blood sugar numbers were off the chart, and so I went onto Lantus at night and Apedra with every meal, for about a year. Then I found that I too had to start reducing my insulin. I asked the doctor if my pancreas would still produce insulin even if I was taking insulin injections. He said no, since the pancreas produces insulin only when it senses that blood sugar is too high, and… Read more »
Ken, I would really like to talk to you about this. My son was diagnosed last April with T1 – I’ve always had my doubts that his diagnosis was correct because he didn’t display any of the typical symptoms. I’d rather not go into too much detail on here and I have enclosed my email for you to respond, if you are willing to discuss it further. I also have gone vegan since mid November having watched various videos about the effects of dairy and meat on health – trying to get my 10 year old to cut back is… Read more »
Rebecca Buder

I too am vegan (have been type 1 for 32 years), and the difference in my general health is fantastic. I have been vegan for 5 years now, vegetarian for 2 before that (I did it for the animals) and it helped my full blood report so much in the first year that my doc kept picking up my full blood report and putting it down and picking it up and putting it down again, saying that he never saw such a thing in a long term type 1. Great job, Ken!


Thank you, Ken.
May I ask your diet ? what did you have for every meal before you diagnosed T1 and what make you cured? and do you exercise regularly?
If possible, may I ask your blood type?


What did Miracle Dan fo ? get a new pancreas and liver ?

I’d appreciate if “A Sweet Life” could do a follow-up, it’s been over two months since the original story came out…so, where are the results? I’m beginning to think this is a hoax. Sorry for the impatience, but a quick email to Mr Darkes by Mrs/Ms Rowley, could at least assuage this fear. It doesn’t take this long to get c-peptide results, I can get some done in the US in literally under 24 hours, for 30 dollars. I want to see his c-peptide results ASAP. There is no reason for any mystery or to keep us in suspense here.… Read more »
Jessica Apple

Hi. We’ve contacted Mr Darkes on several occasions. He says he doesn’t know when the exclusive story will run. It is possible that it’s a hoax. If that’s confirmed we will certainly update or remove the story. Thank you.


Any new updates

I am not sure why my commentary here was not recorded on my previous post, so I will ask again. What lab was Dan’s tests done at in St Louis Missouri? I am looking to read the test results and all of the media reporting on this said the test results would be published within a week, yet I see no mention of it and on top of that no mention on what lab these tests were performed at. I have asked on several forums and not only are my comments ignored and not posted with everyone else’s comments, there… Read more »

I’m also looking him up once a day to see the results. With every day that passes I’m less optimistic. But here’s hoping.

You and me both on looking for the test results every day. I am not going to lose hope however, what I am going to do is find a way to get the information I am looking for. Someone somewhere knows what lab the tests were done at, and that person is Dan. I know he may be overwhelmed with requests for information, but at this point I figure all I am asking is two simple questions and it is not like I am asking him for a kidney or anything. Point being is that the tests were done and… Read more »
Does anyone know what university Dan’s tests were done at in Saint Louis? I have looked all over the internet and there does not appear to be an answer! It is more than a week since this story broke and the results have not been forthcoming despite the promise they would be released in a week. This is the fourth documented case that I have in my collection so far of remissions of type 1 diabetes so such a thing is not without precedent, despite being exceedingly rare. Exactly none of the reports on this particular story on the internet… Read more »

Very suspect and vague explanation his is.
Your publishing this ‘story’ does no service to debunk diabetes cure myths.

Sana Ajmal

Oh wow!
I am completely amazed! Please keep Sharing the updates. Am not sure if the exclusive interview can be played online? Can u share a link /time of the interview?

Type 1

If his body had killed all the beta cells. How did they come again ? And why is the immune system not attacking the cells agian . Maybe he had a infection of some sort and these are different beta cells that the immune does not consider a treat till now

Beta cells, like all cells in the body, die after 7 years and are replaced. Therefore, we all regenerate new cells continuously. This is not news. We also know that in type 2 diabetics who lost beta cells due to stress caused by over-exerting themselves, have that functionality restored by caloric restriction diets. Not only that, but not only in mice but in humans it’s been shown that certain drugs like GLP-1, Harmine, Gastrin, Gaba are beta-cell regenerating agents. But fasting then re-feeding cycles rebuild not only internal organs, but the entire immune system. In Dan Darkes’ case, who knows… Read more »

Sounds like he has been achieving a deep fasting ketosis through long distance running pruning his organs and immune of damaged or misbehaving cells and then his subsequent re feeding has been regenerating his organs.

Fasting-Mimicking Diet Promotes Ngn3-Driven ?-Cell Regeneration to Reverse Diabetes

Regardless, c-peptide values rise and fall over the course of one’s lifespan, for various reasons. Even the seasons affect our immune response: type 1 cases are usually diagnosed initially in the winter months and in the northern hemisphere, when there is less sun thus less vitamin D, and our immune system works harder during the winter months too in order to fight off influenza. It could be partially diet-related too, who knows. For beta cells to release insulin in response to elevated blood sugars (or conversely, signal to alpha cells to release glucagon in the presence of low blood sugars… Read more »
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