High Protein Snacks


Until my diabetes diagnosis, I was a big snacker – a few pretzels here, an apple there…  Now I find snacking to be a complicated issue, not something that is fun and mindless.  Since I’m on the go all day with my three sons, I don’t have time to prepare anything in between meals, and sometimes I need more than just coffee!

I find that high-protein snacks are good at satisfying hunger, and so I do my best to have them in the house.  Below are some of my quick snack ideas that should fill you up without doing much to blood sugar levels.  If you have anything to add to the list, please let us know!

-A handful of almonds

A hard boiled egg

-A spoonful of peanut butter spread into a stalk of celery

-String cheese


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12 years ago

plain cottage cheese and plain unsweetened yogurt.  a few carbs in the yogurt though.

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