If I Could Give Up Food


I used to love to eat. I still do, but the consequence of eating often outweighs the pleasure I get from food.  Sometimes I wish that eating was like smoking, a habit one could give up.

Beer and PizzaYesterday I ate leftovers for lunch – chicken in tomato sauce with a cup of quinoa. I used the bolus calculator on my Veo to calculate my insulin dose and ate my meal. It was good (if I may say so myself), but about 20 minutes later I got incredibly tired.  It was the kind of tired you can’t drive with, the kind you just can’t shake. I had a cup of coffee, but it didn’t help at all (it never really does). I tried to work hoping it would pass, but it didn’t.

I checked my blood sugar- it was 195 (and still on the way up). I thought maybe I’d miscalculated the carbohydrates in my meal. I decided to consult my insulin pump and see if maybe it would tell me to make a correction. I put in my BS and told it I wasn’t eating any carbs. The pump told me not to take any more insulin. I hadn’t done anything wrong- this was just my body’s reaction to eating a healthy meal with 40 grams of carb in it (and no fat).

All I could think was “if I could just not eat, give up food forever.”

An hour later I felt fine.  My blood sugar was back to normal and I was totally alert. I tried to think what I should have done differently. Should I have taken my insulin an hour before I ate? That is not a very practical idea.

I also wondered how other diabetics “cover” eating things like donuts, ice cream or even pizza and beer. Maybe they just take a long nap after they eat, I thought.   Maybe they know how to bolus better than I do.  Or maybe they just feel like I did before I was diagnosed- tired all the time.

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Scott K. Johnson
11 years ago

Dude, I so totally relate to this.
When my BG is rising I get SO SLEEPY.  It’s debilitating.  I often wonder how much productive time I’ve lost due to this, and it’s a number that frustrates me.
That sleepy feeling sometimes causes me to over-bolus out of sheer frustration, which then leads to a low later, and another sleepy rise from treating it.  Roller coaster indeed!
I hate it.  If we could give up food completely, diabetes would be so much easier.

Rachel Zinman
11 years ago

Michael I completely see your point on this.  I fast a couple times a year for a day and absolutely love it.  So strange, right?  I love fasting.  My control is awesome.  I can really test my lantus doses.  And I don’t miss eating that much. Now of course I enjoy food like the rest of the world, but the twice a year I fast, I am reminded that not needing to eat might not be that bad!  Now off to get some lunch.  (the other 363 days I tend to forget about how much I like it). The other… Read more »

Emily Patton
11 years ago

Michael, I can certainly relate to the idea of wanting to give up food.  In fact, I had the idea about a week ago that my life might be better and easier if I simply drank smoothies all the time.  I convinced myself not to try it, knowing that I need more than yogurt, berries, and spinach to survive.  I try to remember that food is meant to be enjoyed, despite the consequences, and especially enjoyed with others.  If I can surround myself with people when I eat, I often feel better.  Just an idea, sir, from an understanding companion.… Read more »

11 years ago

My partner uses a wave or square bolus sometimes for heavier foods like whole wheat pasta or ice cream.

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