In Case of Emergency


One problem with working mainly from home is that during catastrophes — such as the recent earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor meltdowns in Japan — it’s hard to step away from NPR or CNN long enough to actually work.

But the long hours I’ve spent before the television have not only made me heartsick for the survivors and the lost in that country, but also more aware of the possibility of emergencies in our own lives. And while I don’t live in a flood plain or a tornado alley, I’ve decided that it might be time to assemble a diabetes disaster kit in case of a garden variety emergency in our own backyard.

What should it include? Well, a quick perusal of the web offers some suggestions, which I’m reprinting here, as well as some ideas of my own.

1. Most experts seem to recommend at least three days of diabetes supplies, including oral and injected medications, needles, and alcohol swabs.

2. A working glucose meter is also important, along with a fresh battery, and a stock of lancets, meter strips and glucose tablets.

3. You might also include a first aid kit, with band-aids, first aid ointment and tweezers.

4. Fresh socks and even a change of shoes might also be welcome.

5. Energy bars or other quick sources of carbohydrates, just in case.

6. Fresh water and hand sanitizer.

If you shop around, you can find pre-packaged kits, but it seems easy enough to assemble one on your own. I’d also add a list of contacts — to your endo, to your pharmacy and to a personal contact –  and to make certain that a loved one knows where you plan to store your supplies.

With any luck, you’ll never have to use them.

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