Insulin Production Mechanism Discovered Which May Lead To Better Treatment of Diabetes


Hebrew University researchers discover mechanism of insulin production that can lead to better treatment for diabetes

Researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in collaboration with Japanese and American researchers, have discovered a mechanism of insulin production within the pancreas.

The team, led by Prof. Yuval Dor, explored the role of LKB1, a gene involved in many cellular functions, whose role in the pancreas had not been examined before. Using mice, the scientists were able to show that eliminating this gene from beta cells causes the production and secretion of more insulin than normal beta cells.

Since the LKB1 gene negatively regulates both insulin content and secretion, the way has now been opened to possible development of a novel therapy that would limit the presence of this gene in pancreatic beta cells, thus enhancing insulin secretion.

The findings have potentially great implications for those suffering from diabetes due insufficient production of insulin in the pancreas.

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