#Insulin4all Campaign Calls For Submissions


Insulin4all - YLD We are the World

The organisation T1International is calling for insulin and other vital diabetes supplies to be made available for everyone with diabetes as part of their World Diabetes Day campaign.

The #insulin4all campaign is led by T1International and a charity partnership group called The Access Alliance.

People are being asked to pledge their support for the initiative by sharing a photo of themselves holding a paper with the words ‘’We are the WORLD in World Diabetes Day #insulin4all’’ across social media platforms.

Elizabeth Rowley of T1International said ‘’the campaign focus is to show everyone who we are: a global force standing together to push for access to diabetes supplies, care and treatment for all. We feel that this is a fitting theme that brings us back to the true spirit of World Diabetes Day.”

People can submit their photos between now and November 14th (World Diabetes Day) to the #insulin4all Tumblr account. An online toolkit has been created so that participants can get further involved after submitting their photo.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th each year, which is the birthday of Frederick Banting. Banting, alongside Charles Best, discovered insulin in 1921. Ninety-four years later, many people still struggle to survive because they cannot afford or access their life-saving insulin, blood glucose strips, or basic healthcare. Others are caught in conflict where there is little humanitarian assistance for people with diabetes.

T1International and the Access Alliance aim to continue the #insulin4all campaign until lack of diabetes essentials is no longer an issue.

Visit www.insulin4all.tumblr.com to support the campaign.


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