Jay Cutler May Give Insulin Pump Another Chance


Jay Cutler said he’ll look into wearing an insulin pump during the offseason to manage his type 1 diabetes. According to the Chicago Sun-Times Cutler tried outfitting himself with one in Denver a short time after being diagnosed but had difficulty keeping it on.

“I tried it out probably a month after I was diagnosed, and we went into camp wearing it, the offseason workouts,” he said. ”It kept falling off and we had problems keeping it on, and I didn’t want to have to keep putting a new one on every day as it fell off. I just got away from it and stuck with the shots.”

‘This offseason I’m going to possibly look into that. If not, I really like the continuous glucose monitors. I felt that I got a lot more out of that than wearing the pump. Just knowing where my blood sugar was at all times and having the arrows going up or down or staying constant. I felt like that information was much more valuable to me than the pump.”

Cutler can be seen monitoring his blood-sugar levels on the sideline during games and says it’s easier as a football player than if he played a different sport such as, say, volleyball.

”I try to keep it around 150, so if I start going down to 100, 110, I’ll drink Gatorade and move back up,” he said. ”It’s just something that we’re always consistently checking up on. Different sports, it’s a little bit harder. Some games, I’m only in for three plays or 10 plays, then we come off and the defense is on.”

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