JDRF and Sanofi-aventis Join Forces in Search of Cure for Type 1 Diabetes


Sanofi-aventis and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) announced a unique partnership to develop therapeutic treatments for people with type 1 diabetes at different stages of the disease – both those living with the disease and the newly diagnosed – as well as preventing diabetes in those at risk.  Toward those goals, the partnership will focus on therapeutics such as immune therapies and beta cell regeneration.

Under the newly announced partnership, sanofi-aventis and JDRF will jointly provide academic investigators and non-profit medical research organizations with funding to conduct research projects in regeneration and immune therapy. This partnership will provide sanofi-aventis with options to the intellectual property developed byc researchers who receive funding through the program.The partnership will capitalize on the JDRF’s network of academicians, institutions and biotech partners, while also leveraging sanofi-aventis’ drug development experience to help bring products and technologies to the clinic and eventually to patients.

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