Keto Avocado Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day


We know, of course, that avocados are not a traditional Irish food. But potatoes are all carb, and the similarly shaped – and very green – avocados are not. So it seems like a win-win to us. In other words, St. Patrick’s Day seems like the perfect time to declare avocado the new potato. We’ve rounded up recipes for you to ensure your St. Patrick’s Day snacks and party foods will be green, tasty, and kind to your blood sugar.

Keto Avocado Fries: Deep-fried avocado fries are crispier than you’d expect. This recipe calls for dipping avocado slices in egg and almond flour before deep frying. You get a lot of satisfying fat without any carb.

Avocado Hummus: True, hummus is more Middle Eastern than Irish. But swap out the chickpeas and replace them with avocados, and voila, you’ve got a perfect keto dip for St. Patrick’s day. Serve with cucumber and celery sticks for dipping.

Keto Shamrock Shake: Try this keto version of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, a mint-flavored vanilla ice cream drink. The regular version has over 60 grams of carb, but this one won’t budge your blood sugar.

Low Carb Avocado Crisps: These are kind of like an all-in-one dip and chip. 

Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Slices: Bacon-wrapped avocado slices have just two ingredients and some seasoning. They take only a few minutes to prepare, and make a perfect party food.

Avocado cocktails: Drinking safely with diabetes can be tricky. And putting a little healthy avocado into your drink doesn’t make it diabetes-friendly.  But it can make it green. To keep your cocktails low carb, use no sugar syrups or low carb mixes like Be Mixed.

Keto Avocado Pie: If a low carb quiche and a low carb taco had a baby, it would be this savory keto avocado pie. 

Baked Egg in Avocado Recipe: They call this a keto breakfast recipe, but we call it an anytime food, and sometimes we call it a yolk in a boat. This could be one of the world’s simplest and most nutritious recipes.

Low Carb Egg Stuffed Avocado: Continuing with the theme of eggs and avocados, this anytime meal or snack recipe has hardboiled eggs, mayo, mustard, and onions, along with plenty of creamy avocado.

Simple Avocado Dip: This dip recipe contains avocados and tahini paste, two very healthy fats. Be sure to have low carb crackers for dipping. 

Avocado Chicken Salad: Serve this simple chicken salad on cucumber slices for an extra dose of green. 

Avocado Frosting: Try your favorite low carb brownies or cupcakes with green avocado frosting. This recipe isn’t low carb, but you can swap in your favorite low carb powdered sweetener.

Coconut and Avocado No Bake Grasshopper Bars: Chocolatey, minty, rich in coconut, and no baking involved. A perfect party treat.

 Easy Keto Avocado Dessert: Just avocado, heavy cream, and sweetener. Best served cold.

*While these green low carb crackers are made with spinach, not avocado, we’re including them in our round-up because they are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. And please check out our list of low carb minty green recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.

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