Kristen Stewart Walks for Diabetes


Kristen Stewart Nov. 8According to various celebrity news sites, Twilight’s Kristen Stewart took a break from promoting New Moon to kick off a recent JDRF Walk for the Cure event in Los Angeles. I’m not the biggest Twilight fan (anyone else find the whole Mormon subtext a little creepy?), but considering the star power she’s got going these days, I really appreciate her coming out for JDRF.

fingerblood_SS36049But perhaps this makes more sense than I thought. Check out this stock photo I found recently alongside an article about diabetes. Originally I just thought it was a sort of gross, graphic photograph that made finger pricks seem much worse than they actually are. But now that New Moon is coming out, I’m reconsidering. Pale white finger, dripping crimson blood . . . we diabetics should feel lucky that vampires don’t actually exist.

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