Lacy Pancreas: 5 Panties With Pockets for Your Insulin Pump


For all their algorithms, touchscreens, connectivity and convenience, most insulin pumps still have one thing working against them (and us): unless you have a pocket, there’s nowhere to put them.

If you’re a dress-wearing person, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with finding a place to stash your manufactured pancreas without sacrificing function or propriety. Maybe you’ve hidden it in a boot, or in your bra.  We know some ladies with diabetes swear by men’s underwear. Briefs, to be exact.  Really.  It’s true.

But for those of you who don’t want to go the tighty whitey route, we have good news: designers are thinking of us pumpers.  From a Swedish company that makes practical panties with secure pump pockets to Hid-In’s racier styles, we can now be subtly and comfortably tethered.  So take a look below at all the panties with pockets!

1. Pump Wear Inc’s

plugin_rollover_imagesPump Wear Inc’s new dual-built-in-pocket-underwear is the answer to where to put your pump.  This product’s fabric is a breathable cotton material for the utmost in comfort, and the trendy waist band makes wearing your pump both comfortable and fashionable.

2. Anna PS

AnnapsFor eco-friendly insulin pump panties, look no further than Östhammar, Sweden, a small town by the Balctic Sea about 1.5 hours northeast of Stockholm, where Anna PS, has a brand new solution for pump users. Owned by Mrs Anna Sjöberg, Anna PS offers underwear and swimwear designed to ease and improve active lifestyles, and in which you can  keep your insulin pump secure and well hidden. Made of tencel (and lycra) the company (with the help of Google translate?) says, “the material is breathing, transporting moisture and cool off.”  Anna PS underwear comes with either one or two pockets. (How to use pump pocket video demonstration).

3. Hid-In

Hid-In - front-pump-insideKatie Isherwood was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 22, while in her final year of fashion school.  “I’ve never been embarrassed about my diabetes, or shy about discussing it,” she says. “But I want to choose who I tell and when rather than it just being on show.” Since like underwear, an insulin pump is constantly worn close to the body, Isherwood believes the way it looks, feels and is carried should reflect its intimate nature. “It’s my belief that pump accessories should be more at home in an underwear drawer than a medicine cabinet,” she says.

With this in mind, Isherwood set out to combine her fashion experience as an underwear designer and first hand experience as a diabetic.  She created Hid-In (accessories to discreetly HIDe your INsulin kit) to “offer ways to better fit diabetes into your life, so you don’t have to fit your life around diabetes.”  These Hid-In classic jersey hidden pocket panties have a hidden soft jersey (modal) pocket panel inside to discreetly hold an insulin pump. The pocket opening is tucked subtly away inside, below the waistband. With the pump removed they look like any other panties.  If you’re looking for something racy, Hid-In offers panties with a sheer mesh back panel AND a pocket for your pump.  Two things this diabetic never expected to find in a single product.  This model as comes with a silky stretch satin front panel, contrasting mesh side panels, contrasting lace along the pocket edge seam, and a black grosgrain bow to top it off.  (Who said diabetes isn’t sexy?)

4. Pocket Inner Wear

pocketinnerwearPocket Inner Wear understands that diabetes never stops.  But what can stop is the stress about where to put your pump. “Wearing a skirt? Playing soccer? Wearing loose pajamas? Now you can safely and securely tuck your insulin pump out of the way and into your underwear. No more hassle.” This boyshort style is comfortable, cute, and may even be suitable for workouts.

5. La Girafe Bleue

LaGirafeBleue - Underwear for insulin pumpHead on over to Etsy for Canadian custom made panties to hold your insulin pump. “These undies are especially made for people living with an insulin pump. They have two internal pockets, situated on the hips, providing a safe place for your pump.  The panties are only made to order, in sizes x-small to x-large.

La Girafe Bleue’s panties are made with upcycled cotton t-shirts. The material is soft and stretchy for maximum comfort. All the seams are overlocked for a professional and durable finish. The hems are garnished with FOE (fold-over elastic) to provide solidity and optimal support.

All the color combinations are possible, provided the right amount of time to find said colors.

When you buy from La Giraffe Bleue you are supporting a small home-based business from the Gaspé coast in Quebec.

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Awesome idea! !

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