Lilly Diabetes Launches Glucagon Mobile App

Lilly Diabetes today announced the release of a new mobile application designed for caregivers and healthcare providers who support people with type 1 diabetes. The Lilly Glucagon Mobile App is a tool to teach how to use Glucagon for injection, through simulated practice. Glucagon, 1 mg (1 unit), is indicated to treat severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Severe hypoglycemia due to insulin may result in loss of consciousness (insulin coma). The app is designed to help people be more prepared, and also  provide an opportunity to store locations and expiration dates of their Lilly Glucagon Emergency Kits. The Lilly Glucagon Mobile App is now available on the iTunes store as a free download for iPhone or iPad mobile devices.

People with type 1 diabetes who experience severe hypoglycemia during insulin treatment may require glucagon, a hormone produced in the pancreas to raise blood sugar levels. Although Glucagon is rarely needed and only used during a severe hypoglycemic event, individuals in the person’s support network, such as family members, teachers, coaches, trusted friends and colleagues, should be trained to give the medicine, which is injected with a syringe. The app can also be used by diabetes educators and school nurses as a teaching tool.

The Lilly Glucagon Mobile App was developed with input from healthcare providers and people with diabetes. 

The Lilly Glucagon Mobile App includes:

  • Information about severe hypoglycemia and Glucagon
  • Simulated practice demonstrating how to prepare and inject Glucagon
  • Visual and audio emergency instructions
  • Tools to keep track of kit locations and alerts for expiration dates
  • Important safety information
For safety information please click here
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shelly mountjoy, RN, MSN
shelly mountjoy, RN, MSN
10 years ago

I’m a school nurse.  I like the idea.  How do I go about getting this in a form I could have on my computer for teaching?

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