Lose to count


A private thread
inturned loose
red and not wool
a private thread and
I run my finger along it


not a day not a moment
pauses the count
one and two we
march and three
and four and a private
thread runs

through it and
she learns the count
one and two
times three
once more there
is a pattern she
insists a code
a message it is


a common thread and
counting it tightens
what is the count
how many millimoles
and molecules
what is the count
how many nooses
about her spine
one red thread and
the sodium channels
fire and one and
two and
come up for air


one day one day
one day and only one
I will stop
the count breath
breath deciliter gram
I will not count
anymore a private thread
tie it to a poppy
run it through the field
red thread blue sky
uncountably many
let go and I
fall she walks on flowers
a blessed thing
to lose the count
loose the thread.

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Dr. Margaret A. Morris
11 years ago

Hah! You guys flatter me– but I’m not complaining :) Thanks!

Elizabeth Snouffer
11 years ago

I really like it Karmel.  Worth publishing in a Lit Journal for poetry if you don’t already have plans for it.

Dr. Mariela Glandt
Mariela glandt
11 years ago

may the cure arrive soon! 

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