Losing Weight, Keeping Control


So. Ever since going on my beloved CGM in January, I’ve run into a little problem: I’ve gained weight. I’ve basically been the same weight for the past 15 years, but starting a few months ago, the scale began to creep up. I’m now hovering around 150 and I am not happy about it. At all.

Some of this excess poundage may actually be muscle — I’ve been going to a lot of kickboxing classes, and if all those pushups are doing anything, that may account for a bit of the gain. But I still wanted to check in with someone, so today I scheduled an appointment for a diabetic nutritionist.

That’s not what I want to write about, though. What I actually want to write about is what happened right before I left for the nutritionist. I’d just come back from a spin class and was eating lunch with my hair still wet from the shower. As I sat down to start my fritatta, I leaned over, and something fell out of my hair. Weird. I looked on the ground and noticed it was a piece of magnetic poetry that must have stuck to my wet hair when I went to open the refrigerator.

It was face down, so I took a moment to wonder what the word could possibly be. Granted, we’ve got two magnetic poetry sets on our fridge — one is a vocabulary builder, and the other is food. So choices include things like “succulent” and “erudite.” It really could have been anything.

As I reached down to pick it up, I decided that whatever word was on the poetry piece would tell me something about my day and upcoming appointment– sort of like when someone flips through a dictionary and whatever word they land on is supposed to answer a question about your life. I had constructed an entire scene based on this magnetic poetry piece getting stuck in my hair. I was considering working it into an essay. It seemed like such a nice little anecdote — a piece of poetry jumps into your hair, and tells you your future.

I flipped the piece over and looked at the word. And then I started to laugh.

It said “plump.”

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