Making Diabetes Prettier With Pump Peelz


Pump Peelz for OmniPodWhen I think about all the supplies associated with diabetes, “glamorous” or “cute” aren’t the first words that come to mind. This all changed, though, when I discovered Pump Peelz.

I recently noticed some other members of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) excitedly talking about Pump Peelz on social media. They posted pictures of their insulin pumps, meters, and CGMs all decked out in pretty patterns with a shout-out to Pump Peelz in the captions. Intrigued, I did some online research to learn more about how I could accessorize my diabetes devices.

I discovered that Pump Peelz is a company that specializes in designing stickers that can fit a wide range of diabetes tools. The stickers are available in numerous patterns, from floral and geometric to more zany styles like watermelon prints or holiday themes. There’s even an option to create your own customized pump peel for the device of your choice.

I had fun scrolling through the different peelz available. Nearly all of them were eye-catching, making it tough for me to narrow down exactly which designs I wanted to try. Moreover, I had to decide which ones were worthy of being adorned. After some thought, I chose two peelz for my OmniPod (note: for the actual pods, not the PDM) and one for my Verio meter. My PDM is already in a protective case, and I got to choose what color I wanted (pink) for my CGM, so I didn’t feel compelled to get peelz for them at this time. All three peelz were a very reasonable price, just under $15 total after I applied a promotional code.

Pump Peelz Meme

Roughly one week later, a small parcel arrived in the mail for me. My Pump Peelz were here at last! I tore excitedly into the brown envelope and out fell a card that explained how to apply my peelz. Immediately, I rummaged through my purse for my meter so I could affix the peel on it. It was super easy to put on, and neat to see my meter transform from blah to beautiful.

Pleased with my first peel, I was eager to see how I would like the ones I purchased for my pods. I’ve only used one pod-specific peel so far, and I posted a picture of the outcome for my friends on Facebook to see. It was met with great amusement, so I was satisfied with my diabetes-humor-inspired choice.

Pump Peelz for VerioThe only critique I have about the peelz for the pods are that they are difficult to remove. After three days passed, it was time to change my pod. Upon removing it from my body, I spent a solid five minutes trying and failing to remove the peel without damaging it. I can still probably use it on one or two more future pods, but it won’t look as nice as it did the first time around.

Overall, I’m really happy that I tried Pump Peelz. Previously, I’ve only worn my pods on sites that you can’t see – my stomach and lower back. Now, I’m excited to try areas like the upper arm so I can stick a pump peel on the pod and make a fashion statement out of it. I highly recommend the products that Pump Peelz offers to anyone who is looking to jazz up boring diabetes devices by making them stylish and fun.

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